Lego Kingdoms - prepare to defend the valiant King and his castle!

Lego Kingdoms is a range of themed Lego sets launched in 2010, centred around medieval kings, knights and castles storyline and following on from the successful Lego Castles range.

The valiant King has ruled his Lion Kingdom fairly and justly, but now the peace is about to be disturbed - the evil Dragon Knights have launched an attack on his Kingdom and he must defend it!

The accent with the good guys is on fortifications, in particular the centerpiece and biggest set in the Lego Kingdoms range, the King's Castle, comprising 933 pieces which should keep you - er, we mean, your children - busy until next Christmas!

The bad guys, the Dragon Knights, are mostly concerned with attack, with catapults and other siege equipment to be used against the King's strongholds.

Medieval knights, castles, kings and kingdoms - timeless themes for a new generation of LEGOers!

Here are a few of the main sets in the Lego Kingdoms range:

Lego Kingdoms King's Castle

Help the valiant King defend his castle against the Dragon Knights! The Lego Kingdoms Castle, as mentioned above, is the biggest set in the range and the centerpiece of the Lego Kingdoms world.

Lego Kingdoms Prison Tower Rescue

The Dragon Knights have the Princess holed up in their dark prison tower, and it's up to you, the King's Knight on your white horse, to rescue her from their clutches!

Lego Kingdoms Advent Calendar

The 2010 Advent Calendar counts down 24 days before Christmas with a different build every day - a catapult, a wizard and a dungeon are just some of them!

Lego Kingdoms Outpost Attack

Defend the King's border outpost from the marauding Dragon Knight and his fearsome (fully functional!) catapult.

This range from Lego will no doubt be big for Christmas 2010 and its further success will depend on new and attractive sets being added.

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