Lego Kingdoms Castle

  • Model no: 7946
  • Pieces: 933
  • Ages: 7-14

Just added: check out this video of a guy actually building the Lego Kingdoms Castle set! I am not sure how long it took him, but it is a BIG build, as you can see, and this is only the first part! Check it out, and then see below the video for further details on this set.

The 2010 Lego Kingdoms King's Castle, is the centerpiece and biggest set in the Lego Kingdoms range. Many of us cut our first Lego teeth on a Lego castle set (this is not the first by any means), so no doubt we will be anxious for our children to experience some medieval Lego chivalry of their own!

The storyline - such as it is! - revolves around the castle of the valiant King who has come under attack from the evil Dragon Knights. He must defend the castle with the help of his trusty soldiers, making sure of course that the drawbridge is up and the gate is closed!

When you first see the box in the shop it is clear that this is a SERIOUS lego set – the box is pretty huge. This is the kind of Lego set you buy your kids once and it lasts them till college (when you finally get to play with it). When you get the box home and open it this first impression is further reinforced by the sheer quantity of the contents. For a start, as mentioned above, the set has 933 pieces (listed in more detail below). There are also no less than 3 different instruction books and it was initially a little difficult for our test subject (an 11-year-old boy) to know where to start! One gripe about the instructions was that they are given entirely in pictures, no written instructions at all! Obviously this makes it easier for Lego to localise for other markets, but some non-visual types prefer a little explanation in words. No major complaint, just personal preference.

But once things got going, the Kingdoms Castle was logical and fun to put together and the time seemed to fly by! The set will probably take a couple of kids an absolute minimum of 4 hours to build (if you actually want them to have fun doing it too and not just build for the sake of it) but we divided the job between 2 successive rainy days. Once the castle was finished and we had got over admiring our handiwork of course there was more fun to be had, re-enacting siege situations, mounting assaults and flicking Lego bricks around with the large functioning catapult!

Of course, the fun doesn’t end there either because our kids now have a massive fund of bricks to build other projects with in the future.

The Lego Kingdoms Castle includes the following elements:

  • The King
  • The King's throne
  • 4 of the King's soldiers
  • 1 Dragon Knight
  • 2 Dragon Knight Soldiers
  • 2 small catapults
  • 1 large catapult
  • Secret prison
  • Lowering drawbridge
  • Wind-up gate

The kids especially loved the moving pieces like the drawbridge and gate that can be cranked up and down - the catapult goes without saying..!

If we had to say anything negative about the Lego Kingdoms Castle it might be that some parts seem a little fragile in construction, parts of the walls in particular can get knocked off rather easily. But if your kids can manage that with a well-aimed catapult shot they are unlikely to complain! Also, you need to take the age warning seriously – with almost 1000 pieces, many of them quite small, this is not something you want falling into the hands of a toddler.

As the largest set in the range, theLegoKingdomsCastleis also the most expensive, of course, but you can find it at a price of below $125, which comes to less than $0.15 per piece, which is not that bad considering the years of enjoyment the set will continue to provide.

The Lego Kingdoms Castle comes highly recommended - but don't take our word for it - check out the overwhelmingly positive user reviews on Amazon: Lego Kingdoms Castle.